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I swear I'm losing it. I adopted a puppy and have been a complete mental case every since. I haven't stopped crying since about seven last night. My stepmom thinks it's "adopters remorse". All I know is that I can't stop thinking about Husker and how different she is from him. I know it's horrible, but I almost resent the puppy right now for it. I intentionally got a dog that was completely different, hoping that it would help. But it's not.

Now all I want to do is return the puppy. Her brother is still at the shelter, so she could go back in the pen with him and it would be like nothing ever happened. But even thinking that makes me feel like a scumbag, because who returns a living animal? So instead my brain is coming up with other excuses - she's part terrier so she'll probably run away without a closed fence. Grover probably won't like her. Think of all the money I could save by not keeping her. But they're still just excuses. It keeps coming back to Husker.

I know it hasn't even been a week  yet, and I should give it more time. I'm hoping my three day weekend will give me plenty of time to bond and get over it. I just don't know how many more days I can handle all this girly, emotional stuff.
... Well that was fast. :(


Eka Darville is in Teranova. Suddenly this crapshoot that was on in the background seems worth watching.

Also, either he's still Scott or he's being typcast or he can only act one character. True facts.

Tell Me No Guys!!!!

I just need a couple people to comment and say "Why no, Rachel. You should not adopt another Mustang right now."

But Just Look At That Face!!!!!Collapse )

Ziggy just starting his saddle training. Bandit is a gazillion times better than he was in that first year but we are still working out some "relationship issues". And I was very determined that years and years down the road when I do get another horse it would be a mare. Dad thinks it's because this guy looks like Ziggy. I agree - they're from different herds but both have that strong Oregon-'stang look about them. It may also be my bleeding heart. This guy has one more year until he's 10 and then he'll become a Sale Authority horse just like Ziggy and will most likely face a long ride in a double decker to a slaughter house.

Or maybe it's the time of the year. Both Bandit and Ziggy came home in March and April. So I'm... twitterpated? *headdesk*



 That's right, folks. The BLM cares when wild horses are shot. They reserve that right for themselves.

So to summarize what happened, a wild horse mare was found with a gunshot wound to her shoulder during the on-going Antelope Complex roundup. They discovered this after she broke her leg while “spinning around” in a holding corral. Broken legs are a death sentence to a horse, so they euthanized her. Now the BLM is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can help them find the heinous monster that would do such a grievous act.


Oh the BLM… So wonderful and noble. No wild horse cruelty will go unpunished on their watch! Never fear wild horses trying to live out their lives in peace for the Bureau of Land Management is on the scene, ever vigilant to keep your herds safe. Gag me with a friggin spoon. I have a few issues with this story.


1.       I won’t question that the gunshot wound caused the horse to break her leg… except I will. The BLM has not given a time frame for when the shooting may have occurred which is suspicious in and of itself. My two wild horses have completely different builds but what they have in common is both have tree trunks for legs. Solid, dense bones are a necessity regardless of what area a Mustang is from because they will travel anywhere from 50-100 miles daily. Survival of the fittest has necessitated they have good legs to absorb the constant shock of that travel. The point I am making is that shoulder injury or no, this mare is not some frail little thoroughbred who has been engineered by man to have thin, weak legs.

Sure, I’ll buy that a shoulder injury could cause her to step wrong in a moment of panic which would then cause break a leg. But why was she put in that type of a situation in the first place? Because the BLM ran her down for countless miles with an inexperienced helicopter pilot, who has already proven himself to be dangerous. They then separated her from her band, her family, and threw her into a pen surrounded by the chaos of other confused, panicked horses who were also unable to get to their families. If she was left alone, still on the range would she have spun in a manner that would put enough strain on her leg to break it?


But I can already hear the nay-sayers in my head. So you would leave the animal to suffer an agonizing death in the wild rather than end her suffering, you jerk? Well, yeah. There are a lot of horrible ways a wild animal can die. Of those ways, I can think of only two that this mare might potentially face as a direct result of her injury. One: a predator could use the opportunity to eat her since she would not have the ability to run away.  Except that her band stallion would protect her, and she managed to survive being run down by a helicopter going faster than any mountain lion can run and was able to keep up. Two: the wound could become infected and she could die. This argument strongly hinges on when she was shot. If she was shot by hunters, as the BLM claims then let’s assume it was around during hunting season which ranges from September through January depending on the prey. If it was dangerously infected, it would have been infected when she was run into the trap site. The men working would surely have noticed a severely infected wound, if not right away then during the processing or when they were loading her to go to the facility. At that time they would have euthed her, because that’s what they do.


To plagiarize one of my favorite television shows, how long a wild horse survives is 80% determination and anything else is just a bonus. But seeing that this mare has probably been living with this injury a while, there’s no reason she didn’t have a chance to live a good long life, facing down the dangers every other horse on the range would have to face. I don’t believe you can place a value on life and it’s not my place to say what option is more humane or better for that particular horse. But I’d like to think that if the mare had a voice she would tell you she’d rather take the risk with the threats she faced on the range all her life than spend the last hours of her life in terror – chased down by a helicopter, loaded into a metal monster that trapped her on all sides and shook under her feet, sent to a strange place filled with strange horses who were also afraid, and then poked in the neck by a squinty eyed predator – an animal she had never seen before her capture.

2.       I mentioned the time frame. If the BLM really wants to catch this person, then why not give the public an idea of when this mare could have possibly been shot? It’s not too tough to determine if it happened a year ago, several months ago, or several days ago based off of how the wound was healing. They think it was by a hunter, but did that hunter shoot her this season or last season?


There are a couple reasons why they wouldn’t be giving the public such info. Either they don’t want the perp to be caught, which would then require them actually paying up, or this a very recent injury. Why would the latter matter? BLM contractors have shot horses before as an on-site form of euthanasia. Given the brutality of the Sun J operation – running horses to the point of collapse and flying the helicopter mere yards above these terrified horses heads – would it surprise anyone who follows the wild horse gathers if it was discovered a particularly meat-headed member of the Sun J operation was the one behind the gun? This is the organization that believes it is perfectly acceptable to hire Dave Catoor to the tune of $8000 a day, even though he was federally convicted of illegally rounding up wild horses that were then sold to slaughter. I don’t want to go conspiracy theory but when it comes to the crooks in the BLM, nothing would surprise me.


3.       Why would the BLM offer a reward 5 times the rate of the penalty? This is one horse among many who has been euthanized immediately following a roundup (about 5% of the horses die as a result of gather practices). Furthermore, their budget for 2011 was just cut by 2 million. They don’t have much money to go around at present. I would present to you that the BLM does not believe they will have to ever pay out. But if they don’t think that anyone will actually be able to step forward with the necessary info, then why offer a reward in the first place?


It’s actually quite simple. The BLM sees this as their ticket to “Transparency”. That was the buzz word last June in the BLM Advisory Board in Denver. The BLM knows the public is really pissed at them and wanted to figure out how to clear up their image. So in this case, they come out looking really compassionate for this poor mare while 37 youngsters and counting die of pneumonia in one of their holding pens. I for one am sick and tired of all the posturing.

So I’m not saying that a BLM employee or independent contractor shot this mare. (I’m not saying they didn’t either) But this whole incident bothers me. I am not sure I have put my finger as to why that is just yet. But if nothing else, there can be no doubt that BLM is looking to profit off of her death. In dramatic fashion, the BLM puts out press releases trying to find her killer. Meanwhile, they are doing everything in their power to close the curtains and make sure humane observers are too far away to see all the other deaths taking place. Because unlike this mare, there can be no doubt that the blood of those other horses permanently stains their hands.


More info about the Antelope Complex round-up can be found here: http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/news-events-a-media/press-releases/563-release-2411   


Team Players Are Overrated

I am the most pathetic little woobie whenever I get sick. All my pride to not show any weakness goes right out the window when I find myself under a heap of blankets, staring up at the ceiling, forcing whatever poor creature came across my path to snuggle (typically Molly - she's as close to a teddy bear as a cat can ever get). I hate myself for that.

Anyhow, I had a fever of 102 while watching Shinkenger PR Samurai. I then immediately went to bed and had fever dreams in which involved the Shinkenger/Samurai moprhing with clicky ballpoint pens fighting rainbows. Literally, they were just fighting colors. I was so convinced it was true that it was true that it took me some time in the morning (while staring at the ceiling under my heap of blankets) to determine that it was just a dream and not, in fact, the way the Go-kaiger were going to do business. Just keep that in mind while I come in late to the party to share my thoughts on Samurai.


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I'm feeling much better now but I have no voice. And I work in a call center. So the person on the other end either can't hear me or can't understand since I sound like an 80 year old chain smoking grandpa. On the bright side, it has gotten me some sympathy out of potentially cranky homeowners. Has no effect on Jersey though. Oh how I hate our customers in Jersey...

Time to Grow Up - Psh

So I'm taking a call, minding my own business when suddenly I hear myself saying "Are you calling in regard to the refrigerator on Hyde?" That got a nice mental picture in my head so naturally, I started giggling like a pathetic fangirl. Thank goodness for mute buttons, eh? I am such a professional... *sigh*
Upon stumbling over the Paul Shrier in Samurai news on my friends page, I instantly showed my Papa. Who laughed. Then we found the clip with new guy and... yeah. Won't go into my thoughts on that here other than it's impossible to form an opinion after a minute clip so I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he takes the vocals down a hair as the series progresses. I won't put any money on it, though.

I was trying to explain to Dad the laugh clearly was, we'll say "honoring" Skull. At which point my Dad declared he didn't like Skull. Or Bulk for that matter. I pondered how he could not like the two characters who actually had personalities. He countered by asking when Tommy showed up since Tommy had a personality, but that was only assuming the arrogance was part of the acting and not real life. I told him that was real and he was a jerk. Then he ran him off after throwing insults at my cat. Twenty pounds Grover may be, but he keeps my feet a heck of a lot warmer at night than his 5 lb rat pretending to be a dog (with Vulcan ears no less). Hmph!

Aside from that, it was -15 F when I fed Ziggy this morning. Got up to a magical -2 for our high. But oh wait, there's the -25 windchill we had when it finally got that warm. I called in sick. My little Accord with it's 300,000 miles just car can't take that weather and if I break down, I'll have a good ten miles of dirt road to walk. Frostbite does have the potential to give a gal some fun nicknames but I'd just as soon chill here.

And lastly, I gotta get this off my chest so I can move on with my life and ignore it. SOMEONE PUT A EFFIN' PETTICOAT ON GOKAI PINK STAT. If you're going to wear lolita, wear it properly. I'm not saying to go Angelic Pretty level bell of doom poof, but a tasteful A-line to fill it out? C'mon now. I realize with those boots she'd still only be classified as an ita, but still. What would all those geniuses over at Alice and the Pirates say Toei? You have a lot of explainin' to do.

This is a good example how to properly wear a skirt with that much body:Collapse )

K. I feel better now. I am letting it go

^ Clearly ran out of useful things to do/ think about hours agoav

It's The SoU! ZOMG!

Who else is ready for the State of the Union? Oh yeah baby. I got my drinking game ready to go. Hope you do too! I give it about... 5 mintues until I'm tipsy and seventeen before I'm worshipping the porcelain god.

I love politics so much. :)

Adventures In Photography!

For Christmas, my Pa and I went halfsies on a DSLR camera and two lenses. Its a bit of a learning curve from a point and shoot. Today's lessons were:

1. Don't wear jeans when there's snow on the ground and it's dropping to freezing temps. Wet knees =/= fun
2. Keep an eye on my settings. About halfway through my flash popped on when I could have sworn it was on a manual setting. Now I have half a dozen amazing pictures... after I learn how to use photoshop and remove the ghost eyes.
3. Always, always use the tripod when messing with the 300mm lens.

It's a little pic heavy behind the cut - 10 pics. Here's my personal favorite:


This Would Be Much Easier If Ziggy Would Quit Walking Up To Me Wanting Scratches In The Middle Of His Shoot!!!Collapse )